Software Downloads

Install the listed software/firmware only under direction of your Teledyne Paradise Datacom representative. Teledyne Paradise Datacom is not responsible for any problems that occur due to unadvised installation.


NOTICE! Teledyne Paradise Datacom's Web M&C application requires Java 7. Updating to Java 8 will make the web application unusable. Get Java 7 here.

SSPA M&C Software Downloads Notes
WindowsTM Vista users (Read this First)  
WindowsTM Imaging Component (Required for Universal M&C on Windows XP SP2)  
Universal M&C Software (v5.0.2)
Universal M&C Release Notes (up to v6.1.1)
Version 5.0.2 (06/30/2017)
Universal M&C Software (v6.1.1 Beta Release) Version 6.1.1 (04/25/2018)
Universal M&C Software (v6.2.6 Beta Release) Version 6.2.6 (10/11/2018)
Protocol Simulator Version 1.3 (11/06/2018)
Compact Outdoor M&C Software (To ID 99,999) (10/17/2003)
Compact Outdoor M&C Software (ID 100,000-199,999) Version 3.3.9 (06/11/2009)
Compact Outdoor M&C Software (ID 200,000+) Version 3.3.17 (2/22/2010)

Paradise MIB for SSPAs, RCP Controllers and vBUCs
(Right-click and Save Target As... to your local directory)

Version 1.0.2

Extended SNMP MIB Tree

RCP M&C Software Download


RCP M&C Software (10/17/2003)

Modem Software Downloads Notes
Q-Flex and Q-Lite Software Upgrade Instructions  
Download Q-Flex Software version 3.1.24a
Download Q-Lite Software version 3.1.24 
Quantum and Evolution Software  
Q-MultiFlex Handbook  
Q-Flex Handbook  
Q-Lite Handbook  
Q-NET PDQS Redundancy Switch Handbook  
Quantum and Evolution Handbook  

Tools Notes
Intermodulation Performance in SSPAS