Virtual Network Operator support added to Q-NET satellite network solution

October 17, 2017

Q-NET™ Navigator, the network control application for our Q-NET™ satellite network system, has been extended to add full support for Virtual Network Operators (VNO). In situations where network services are sold through resellers who do not own any of the network infrastructure, this feature allows visibility and access to the underlying network to be virtualised on an operator-by-operator basis. VNO support is often used to allow the network owner to lease low-cost services to third parties that want to enter the satellite market but who do not want the expense of owning and maintaining their own infrastructure.


Q-NET™ Navigator is an application that allows all hardware elements of the Q-NET™ satellite network system, including RF and third-party network equipment to be controlled from a single application.


The Q-NET™ satellite network platform is our scalable satellite communications system supporting highly-efficient bandwidth technology and advanced carrier and traffic management. It supports all types of network including star, full/partial mesh, point-to-point and hybrids. Unlike any other satellite system, Q-NET™ is based on a single, highly versatile building block - the Q-Flex™ modem - which provides modulator, demodulator and multi-demodulator  functions, as well as advanced IP features such as traffic shaping, TCP acceleration and ACM. The unique selling points of Q-NET™ are:


  • $100k+ of diagnostic test equipment functions as standard
  • Single building block for any type of network, giving the ultimate in flexibility, reusability and simplicity
  • Redefines the entry point for satellite users who require a small network and don’t want to be saddled with the expense and complexity of a fixed-cost hub
  • Network control application included as standard


VNO support is included in Q-NET™ Navigator from software version V2.0.0.23 onwards.