Paradise launches new ruggedised outdoor satellite modem

July 10, 2017

Paradise is proud to announce the launch of our new compact Q-Lite Rugged outdoor IP satellite modem. The high data rate Q-Lite Rugged is housed in an IP65 weatherproof sealed  enclosure and is ideal for portable satellite communications and comms-on-the-move. Capable of operating from -40 ºC to +85 ºC, the Q-Lite Rugged brings the benefits of our latest modem technology to the harshest operating environments. It is suitable for all types of IP services including broadcast video, trunking, backhaul and internet.  Antenna pointing is supported in the form of an MPAD2 hand-held device, with built-in GPS, inclinometer and compass, which facilitate easy, rapid and safe deployment.


The Q-Lite Rugged supports the highly bandwidth-efficient DVB-S2/S2X waveform and further bandwidth savings are provided by our XStream IP suite of advanced embedded IP features. Paired Carrier+ allows two carriers to be overlaid in the same space segment, saving up to 50% bandwidth. Paired Carrier+ is the most recent incarnation of our carrier overlap technology and provides significant additional levels of suppression of the unwanted signal, faster signal acquisition and increased robustness in the face of signal degradation.



A datasheet for the Q-Lite Rugged can be found here.